Selkeää mielen hallintaa, jota voi halutessaan oppia!

Clear mind, which you can gain!

Henkilöstövalinnat pitkäaikaisella tutkimuskokemuksella!


Soveltuvuus-, työkyky- ja opiskelukykyarvioinnit Cut-e -lisenssillä 

Suitability, work ability and study ability assessments with Cut-e license

Työnohjaus yksilöllisesti tai ryhmälle

Work supervision

MBB-terapeutti/therapist, sertifioitu

Supportive therapy, stressmanaging

Uraohjaus, ammatinvalinta ja coaching

Career guidance, Career choice and Coaching


Online courses

Suomen kieli ensimmäisenä ja toisena kielenä opettaja/käännöstyö ruotsi-suomi/englanti-suomi, tekstien stilisointi ja kirjoittaminen

Finnish as a first and second language teacher / translation of novels Swedish-Finnish / English-Finnish, stylization and writing of texts

YTM, psykologi


Hypnoosi ks. Tieteellinen Hypnoosi ry.

MBB ks. I-system institute for Transdisciplinary Studies ja Suomen Mielenterveys ry.  ja

Meditaatio ks. TM-meditaatio    

Mindfullness ks. Suomen Mielenterveys ry.  

Rentoutus ks. esim. Oivamieli

Psykologian ja kasvatustieteen sovellus  Tampereen yliopisto

Ura-ja ammatinvalinnanohjaus   Vocational guidance psychologist 

Suomen kielen/S2 -kielen opettajuus: Finnish as second language


Sisältää mainoslinkkejä, mainoslinkit merkitty *-merkillä



Puhti on palvelu, jonka avulla voit selvittää, miten oma elimistösi voi! Palvelun tarkoitus on edistää hyvinvointia ja jaksamista sekä kiinnittää huomiota tekijöihin, joilla voi vaikuttaa elintapasairauksien ehkäisyyn. Tutustu!

Minä ostan vitamiineja ja muita nyt, kun tiedän mitä minun elimistö tarvitsee.

PUHTI is a service that allows you to find out is your own body in good condition ! The purpose of the service is to promote well-being and resilience, as well as to pay attention to factors that may affect the prevention of lifestyle diseases. Check it out! I buy vitamins and others now when I know exactly what my body needs.


Anneli Alatalo

Y-tunnus 3209368-6 Tmi Anneli Alatalo

*Oslo Skin Lab

Oslo Skin Labin The Solution™ on korkealaatuinen kollageenijauhe, jolla tutkittuja vaikutuksia. Tutustu!

Minulla oli puute kollageenista ja nyt ei ole enää kipuja, kun käytän tuotetta.

Toinen polvi leikattiin viisi vuotta sitten ja toinen oireili silloin, mutta kun aloin käyttää kollageenia, ei ole tarvinnut leikata toista. Oireet vetäytyivät kokonaan.

Oslo Skin Lab´s The Solution ™ is a high quality collagen powder with studied effects. Check it out!

I had a lack of collagen and now there is no more pain when I use the product. One knee was operated five years ago and the other was symptomatic at the time, but when I started to use collagen, there was no need to cure another. The symptoms of osteoarthisis completely went off. _________________


Hyvinvoinnin Tavaratalo on suomalainen hyvinvoinnin ja ekologisen elämäntavan verkkokauppa. Olemme kotimainen perheyritys, jolle ekologisuus ja eettisyyt ovat tärkeitä arvoja.Tutustu!

Haluan tukea ekologisia, ilmastoa säästäviä asioita.

HYVINVOINNIN TAVARATALO is a Finnish online store for wellness and ecological lifestyle. We are a Finnish family business for which ecology and ethics are important values. Check it out!

I want to support ecological, climate-saving things.


*Yves Rocher FI

Yves Rocher, kauneutta kasveista jo vuodesta 1959.

Yves Rocherista on kasvanut yli 30 miljoonaa naista inspiroiva kosmetiikan suunnannäyttäjä.

Yves Rocher on onnistunut pitämään asemansa ja on nykyään Ranskan myydyin brändi kaikissa kauneusalan kategorioissa. Tutustu!

Olen käyttänyt tuotteita kauan ja pidän niistä.

Yves Rocher, the beauty from plants since 1959. Yves Rocher has grown into a cosmetics trendsetter inspiring more than 30 million women. Yves Rocher has managed to maintain its position and is today the best-selling brand in France in all categories of the beauty industry. Check it out!

I have used the products for a long time and I like them.



100% kotimainen kokonaisvaltaisen kauneuden ja hyvinvoinnin verkkokauppa. Kauneus on moninaista ja kuuluu meille jokaiselle. Tutustu!

Onnellisuuden tavoittelu on helppoa, jos itse pidät itsestäsi. Puhu hyvää itsellesi. Mieli ja keho voivat silloin hyvin.

100% domestic online store which value holistic beauty and well-being. Beauty is diverse and belongs to each of us. Check it out! The pursuit of happiness is easy if you like yourself. Talk good to yourself. The mind and body feels well.


What is an anti-aging secret that not many people know about?

Rafee Ibne Azad, studied at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital

Some anti-aging secrets that not many people may not know about are:

Fasting - According to Harvard aging-researcher Dr. David Sinclair, intermittent fasting is a very effective way of slowing the aging process because, in the fasted state, the body has a chance to repair cells.

Sleep zzz zzz zzz - Lack of sleep is the culprit behind aging and many other health-related issues…and best of all…It’s free.

Sauna - Regularly hitting the sauna is an incredibly cost-effective anti-aging strategy. Especially considering that a regular schedule of saunas (three times a week) has shown to reduce all-cause mortality by 42%!

Cold showers - Just as heat has many positive anti-aging properties, so has got cold. Short, but intense exposure to cold temperature increases blood flow and releases a cocktail of hormones, that essentially keep your cells young and vibrant.

Resistance training - Get your swell on! Growing muscle and getting stronger will protect you against many forms of cancer, prevent strokes and increase your quality of life. Muscle mass is correlated to longevity and health (up to a point).

Cardio or endurance training - Going for a run or doing burpees in your living room is free. Plus, a healthy cardiovascular system is shown to prevent all kinds of cancer forms and even mental health issues.

Regulating stress levels - Meditation. Breathing techniques. Mental reframes. All free. All extremely potent anti-aging and life-quality enhancers. Why is this NOT taught in schools?

Eating more vegetables and less sugar - You’ve got to spend money on food anyway…Why not buy more veggies instead of candy bars? BONUS TIP: Find it hard to cook and prepare healthy meals? Get a blender and make yourself smoothies (blend the veggies together with tasty fruits).

Eating less meat and animal protein - Again, according to age-researchers Dr. David Sinclair and Dr. Valter Longo, excessive animal protein has shown to upregulate a hormone called IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor). IGF-1 is not bad per se, as it also helps grow and maintain muscle. The problem is, that high levels of IGF-1 might be responsible for cancer cell growth.

Staying hydrated - Keeps your skin supple.

Not being broke - Although money has no direct correlation to do with the physical aspects of aging, money definitely plays a role in psychological well-being. No, money by itself doesn’t make you happy. But as I can tell you first hand, a lack of money causes extreme worry. Anxiety and other mental health impairments caused by worry have a measurable and researched impact on health markers. So save your money and invest it intelligently, so that you don’t have to spend all of it, to get your health back in your 50’s and 60’s.

Eating the right kind of fats - Eating the wrong type of fat, increases your risk of cardiovascular diseases, dementia and cancer. Reduce Omega-6 fatty acids intake and increase your consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids.